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Plans start as low as $8.50 per hour for online group sessions (no more than 5 students per class) $13.10 per hour for 1-to-1 online sessions, $16.34 per hour/session for face to face group sessions (no more than 10 students) and $18 per hour for face to face private sessions.

Every plan includes

Free Consultation, diagnostic test, student profile, unlimited quizzes, report cards

Most Popular

Online Group Sessions (2-5 students)

$8.50 USD /hour/ session

Online 1-to-1 sessions

$13.10 USD /hour/session

Face to face Group sessions (2-10 students)

$16.34 USD /hour/session

Face to face private sessions

$18 USD /hour/session
Online group sessions, online 1-to-1 sessions and face to face sessions can be purchased together. A student may opt for a hybrid approach with some sessions online and some sessions face to face. If a plan is purchased for more than one subject, you may get a 10% discount.